Change Your Life

05 - Change your life

Yes, that’s right.

It does only take one person, and it can only be one person – YOU.

But so many times we are blind to that, thinking that it is someone else who can make the difference. If your boss gave you the pay rise you want and deserve. If you could only find a soul mate your life would be complete.

The only person who can make the change, who can make the difference, is you.

It’s all up to you.

I’ve known this all my life, but I’ve always responded to what other people are doing, and what I perceive as their impact on me, when it is really how I respond to what they are doing. It’s all my choice.

The difference is me. Their words, actions, feelings are theirs, and the only impact they have is what I allow and how I respond.

Therefore, all the power is with me, and is extended to every part of my life. I am the only one who can make the change. And I can make it now.

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